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SMBI Listeners Inc. works with a number of partners to “get things done” on SMBI.
Here are some of the many things we’ve been working on…

Increase local access to service providers

SMBI Community Hubs

Expanding the successful Housing and Homelessness Hubs trial held in 2019 on Russell Island, SMBI Listeners Inc., Q Shelter and Metro South Health worked together to bring to our Islands a wider array of Service Providers based on input from the SMBI community. After a very successful trial period in 2022, we’re pleased to announce that the SMBI Community Hubs will be continuing throughout 2023!

This collaboration is primarily between Q Shelter, Metro South Health, and SMBI Listeners Inc. Other partners involved include Applied Abilities, Advanced Support Coordination, BluecareCentre For WomenFootprints Community, 4 Island Aged Careheadspace, Individualised Lifestyle Support ServicesMicah Projects, NDISOnSide, Relationships Australia QldRural Lifestyle Options Australia, StandbyStar Community ServicesThe Benevolent SocietyWellways Carer Gateway, and Wesley Mission Qld.

Result 3: Children’s Health Qld Establishes SMBI Local Call Number

Act Local, Call Local

Children’s Health QLD will establish a local freecall number so SMBI families can more easily connect directly to the local Bayside Child Health Team.

A local Children’s Health phone number was established and promoted on SMBI – there have been 86 calls between October 2021 and September 22. Between October and December 2022, 94 calls were received!

This collaboration is between Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service, and SMBI Listeners Inc.

Result 31: Increase referrals to Child Health Nurses

Improve access to Child Health Nurses

Over 150% increase in free Child Health Nurses’ occasions of service on SMBI, from 84 in 2020 to 218 during 2022. Free services established: Well Baby Clinic commenced at Macleay Island Progress Hall (from March 2022), Birth to Five Drop In Clinic provided fortnightly from Macleay Island Progress Hall (from July 2022), community-led Bubs and Families morning held each Tuesday at the Macleay Island Progress Hall. The Birth to Five Drop-In Clinic will be weekly in 2023.

This collaboration is between Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service, Macleay Island Progress Association, Salvation Army Bayside, SMBI Bubs & Famiies Group, and SMBI Listeners Inc.

SMBI Pride

Supporting our diverse community

With support from a Pride Foundation Australia grant, in collaboration with members of the SMBI LGBTQIA+ community and with the cooperation of local venues, SMBI Listeners Inc. is setting up a safe space initiative. The aim of the initiative is to raise awareness of some of the issues faced by our SMBI LGBTQIA+ community members and to provide resources that may help the wider community to engage in meaningful, respectful conversation about these issues. Flyers will be displayed in participating venues across the SMBI, with a QR code that links to a wide range of information, including appropriate terminology.

This collaboration is between Pride Foundation Australia and SMBI Listeners Inc.

Result 7: Increasing the dental health and hygiene of children on SMBI

Healthy Mouth Day

109 children were provided with free oral health screening, tooth brushing instructions, fluoride varnish application and dietary advice from Metro South Health. Oral Health (held November 2022 on SMBI) with 35 children now receiving follow up dental care.

This collaboration was between Oral Health Centre | Metro South Health, Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service, Macleay Island State School, Department of Education, SMBI Early Years Network, and SMBI Listeners Inc.

Result 5: Childrens’ Allied Health Services (HeadStart) visitS

Headstart Visits Fortnightly to Macleay Island and Russell Island State Schools

Access to a free and responsive Paediatric Allied Health service, via Brisbane South PHN funded service provider Headstart Qld. Headstart will be visiting Russell Island and Macleay Island KindyLinQ, Macleay Island State School and Russell Island State School.

Any parent and child can call in.

This collaboration is between Headstart Services, Macleay Island State School, Russell Island State School, SMBI Early Years Network, Brisbane South PHN and SMBI Listeners Inc.

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Result 19: Child Development Services establish regular E-Health Outreach

Establish Child E-Health Facilities

Free and responsive E Health offered to SMBI families and their child via Child Development Services (CHQ) can be offered to appropriate SMBI children once referral accepted. Over the past 6 months, 11 appointments have been attended by families, including a clinician visiting SMBI when required. Attendance rate is near 100%. Free computer hardware provided by corporate partner and space provided at no cost at Bay Island Community Service (BICSI on Russell Island), as well as Macleay Island State School and Russell Island State School. E-Health at home is also an option if preferred by a family.

This collaboration is between Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service, SMBI Early Years Network, Brisbane South PHN, Child Development Services, Salvation Army Bayside, Greenbox, Macleay Island State School, Russell Island State School, Bay Islands Community Services Inc, and SMBI Listeners Inc.

Result 18: Establish and Implement Child Health Connector Service

Child Health Connector

A free service for families, funded by bsPHN which provides navigation and practical support for families accessing health services referrals received from families, KindyLinQ, Schools, Bay Islands Early Learning and Care, The Benevolent Society, Save the Children, Child Development Service, SMBI Listeners Inc.

Over 80 occasions of service and more than 40 families referred. (14 months) Collaborations are: Salvation Army, SMBI Listeners Inc., BSPHN

This collaboration is between Brisbane South PHN, Salvation Army Bayside, and SMBI Listeners Inc.

Result 11: Establish and grow the SMBI Birthday Club

Ages and Stages Information

The free Children’s Birthday Club promoted and administered by community, in collaboration with Children Health Queensland. Families sign up for a chance to win a birthday cake and gift pack each month. On the child’s birthday, the family receives an ages and stages milestones fact sheet and appropriate for the child’s age, with a birthday card. Currently 176 children are registered.

This collaboration is between Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service, SMBI Early Years Network, Brisbane South PHN, The Benevolent Society, First Five Forever, Macleay Island Community Library, Q Shelter, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, Redlands Integrated Early Years Place, The Midnite Baker, and SMBI Listeners Inc.

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