Focus Areas

These four focus areas were prioritised and endorsed by the SMBI Community Governance group.

Focus Area


Healthy, thriving children

This is the first priority set by the Community Governance Group. It demands focused, collective action so as to learn together with community what it takes to the improve health and child development, early childhood support and the readiness for school.

Focus Area


Healthy family relationships

Community voiced clearly the need for families and carers to feel better supported to be the best they can be. This includes community led, fit for purpose service and support for children and families going through very difficult times. So no-one is left behind.

Focus Area


A strong and connected community

Community and service providers are committed to taking action, to work better together; to improve communication across the system and community, to listen and collaborate with community and together strengthen connections and relationships. This includes better understanding and doing more of what works for SMBI. 

Focus Area


Well-being and recreational activities for school aged children

Isolation and access is a significant challenge for many SMBI children and families. Community have clearly flagged action needs to be taken to improve the opportunities for school aged children to access stimulating, life affirming experiences. The community wishes to see action taken, to see their children have access to opportunities so the SMBI childhood experience is more enriched and children feel valued, affirmed and loved by community inside and outside of SMBI.