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If you would like more information on supporting SMBI Listeners Inc. in our work, or would like to know how we can assist you, please feel free to contact us using the form here, or by phone or email as shown in the footer.

To advance social and public welfare by providing benevolent relief to people in need, suffering, or who are disadvantaged due to poverty, illness, disability, remoteness, isolation, social disadvantage or some other form of disadvantage or need.

* Listen to and actively build relationships among SMBI residents to ensure their voices and concerns are heard and received in order to identify general and particular community needs and relief that may be required;

* Advocate for SMBI residents to help ensure necessary services are responsive and adaptive to changing needs

* Coordinate and facilitate projects, and relief and support efforts within the community that aim to build a vibrant, connected and resilient SMBI community; and

* Do any other thing that is ancillary or incidental to these goals

If you are a SMBI community member and are interested in volunteering with SMBI Listeners Inc., feel free to contact us and ask more.

Would you like to keep up to date with what SMBI Listeners Inc. has been involved with?  We have a monthly newsletter you can subscribe to – fill out the Contact Form and choose “Receive Newsletter” to subscribe.

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If there’s anything more you’d like to know about SMBI Listeners Inc.
please feel free to get in touch by phone, email or social media.

SMBI Listeners Inc. works with all willing NGOs, Government Departments, Businesses and Service Providers that provide services to people across the Southern Moreton Bay Islands. To find out more about how a partnership with us can help our community and also help you achieve your KPIs and goals, please contact us.

If you’re a SMBI resident with some time and a willingness to help your community, SMBI Listeners Inc., may well be the right organisation to volunteer some of your time with. Contact us using the Form or the details at the bottom of this page.

Listening to and helping to improve the lived experiences of
our community is what drives us!

For press related enquiries, contact or or call us on 07 3184 0958.

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