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About SMBI Listeners Inc.

SMBI Listeners Inc. is a truly community-driven and focused approach to improving the wellbeing of children and families on the picturesque Southern Moreton Bay Islands. An offshore 5 island community isolated from mainland Australia by much more than the waters of Moreton Bay.

Over 2018/19 foundational work was undertaken to establish a place-based, community-driven initiative on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands (SMBI), which includes Karragarra, Lamb, Macleay, Perulpa and Russell Islands. The focus of the initiative is improving the health and wellbeing of SMBI children 0 - 8 years and their families.

The approach to this initiative is strongly community-driven to ensure the sustainability of resulting solutions. 

A four-part case study has been created with the SMBI Listeners team and community. Each episode is mapped to a phase of the Collaborative Change Cycle and we share the approaches, collaborations, activities, goals and experiences of the initiative.


To advance social and public welfare by providing benevolent relief to people in need, suffering, or who are disadvantaged due to poverty, illness, disability, remoteness, isolation, social disadvantage or some other form of disadvantage or need


* Listen to and actively build relationships among SMBI residents to ensure their voices and concerns are heard and received in order to identify general and particular community needs and relief that may be required;

* Advocate for SMBI residents to help ensure necessary services are responsive and adaptive to changing needs; 

* Coordinate and facilitate projects, and relief and support efforts within the community that aim to build a vibrant, connected and resilient SMBI community; and

* Do any other thing that is ancillary or incidental to these goals


Both paid and volunteer positions may be available.  Contact us for more information by emailing Careers@SMBIListeners.org.au

Community Conversations
Strategic Friends

SMBI Listeners Inc is positioned as a conduit between the community itself and various community, commercial, non-government and government agencies to ensure available resources are best targeted to meet concrete community needs.

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How We Work

SMBI Listeners Inc. is committed to the SMBI Ways Of Working framework which aligns to the strategic plan and theory of change.  We are building capacity in the community to respond to their own needs.  We are transitioning from predetermined solutions to enabling the local nomination, articulation and prioritisation of concrete problems to be solved.

Nothing About Us Without Us

Ensuring community voices and lived experiences are integrated into all stages of implementation.  We will work together with government with the ultimate vision of identifying how the SMBI community can be involved in shaping policy responses and investment prior to any solutions being implemented in community.

Collective Impact Framework

The Collective Impact Framework is designed to tackle complex social problems requiring systems change and innovation by bringing many diverse partners together around a common goal.

The Harwood Approach

The Harwood Approach is a community strengthening and empowerment methodology that enables the community to drive change in their environment and circumstances in collaboration with the service sector.  This approach strengthens the Collective Impact Framework by effectively empowering community within the process.

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