An opportunity to talk Early Years with families’ advocate Lynda Melville

SMBI Listeners Inc., are collaborating with The Salvation Army Child Health Connector (Kylie Colville) and offering a conversation with families of children aged around 3 to 7 years. Everyone interested is welcome, no matter how old your children are.

The conversation will be held on Wednesday March 23, on Russell (morning) and Macleay (afternoon) Islands, with early childhood specialist Lynda Melville as guest speaker. Lynda is an advocate for families and will be talking with families about behavior, development and practical strategies for success at home. The session is informal and there is a lot of opportunity for questions and for discussion topics to be guided by those who attend.

This event has been set up in response to feedback from SMBI community families who have identified a need for better access to information regarding child development and practical resources, so they can support their children to achieve great outcomes.

A flyer with the details for this Early Years Conversation is available in the Events Calendar.

Decades of research has provided plenty of evidence that the early years are the most important for our mental, emotional and physical development and that families are our first and most important teachers. For children to thrive their families need to be supported, by their community and by the wider health, education and economic systems.

*If you can’t make it to meet Lynda, click here for a short video from Maggie Dent about changing behaviour by changing habits.